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P Durl

My first Pastor interview?

“Pastor Darrel, of One Way church.  I wanna interview You!”

Hey members of One Way.  I’d love to have a Skype interview with your pastor.  We’re going to talk about God, the youth, the use of technology in the church and anything else that comes to mind.  It’s going to be a great time!  But I need your help.  If you’ve seen this comment then I’m recruiting you on my team.  Email, call, text or go up and ask Pastor Darrell to step up to the plate as the first Pastor on ONE King Productions, where we get to the real issues.  And don’t forget, you can send in your suggestions for questions. I don’t think he’s too scared. Do you?

Writer Extrodinare

Our First Guest Author

How to turn your creative vision into a reality

Tiffany is a great friend of mine, that most of you know.  Not only is she a mighty woman of God, stirred by the Holy Spirit, but she is also quite an amazing writer.  If you haven’t read from her blog, The Lowly Way of Love, I’d suggest you go do so now.  It’s cool.  We’ll still be here.  Ok welcome back.  Well, we have the great fortune of having Tiffany as one of our future guests on our podcast.  We’re going to have an interview with her about turning creative visions into reality, as she’s done for the many plays and dramas for King’s Way Fellowship.  Tiffany, thanks for your willingness to be on the show.  We look forward to hosting that interview in the near future!


Spirit-filled Singer

Standing for God in today’s world

Nikea is another great friend whom I hope to have on the show one of these days.  She’s been involved in several different ministries ranging from the Worship Team, Dance Team, Youth Leadership, and Certified Dog Lover.  We’ll talk about God in her life, growing up in a world that’s dying, and of course, we’ll talk about her amazing singing ability.  We’re going to get into using your gift for the Lord.  And I’m hoping to get her opinions on using media in ministry.  How does she feel about churches embracing technology?  Where does she see the next generation of youth heading?  And why does she love dogs so much?  You’re going to want to tune in to find out this and more, on ONE King Productions!

If you know someone who would make a great guest for the show, please contact me, and I’ll try to make it happen.  I don’t care wether they’re spirit-filled or luke warm; sold-out Christian or a sold-out sinner.  If they’re willing to talk about God then they have something to offer!  Thanks for logging in.  God Bless!


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